So often Fashionistos play it safe and stick to neutrals. They stay in the comfort zone of black, white, tan and even occasionally “live on the edge” and venture out to navy. And while some color trends come and go one color that is always in vogue is red.

Red: the color of romance, power and, as this Fashionisto proves, amazing fashion. This Fashionisto’s red pants illustrate that the colored denim trend is not one simply for the ladies. By opting for a deeper hue, the color is not as vibrant and easier to wear. Red is that perfect pop for those who shy away from color.

The key to wearing colored denim is to not let the rest of your ensemble overpower the look. Keep it simple. This Fashionisto paired his red pants with a simple yet interesting T-shirt, leather jacket, hat and an interesting pair of loafers. The spikes on his loafers are a heavy detail, but do not clash with the red pant. The two bold pieces work seamlessly together.

Hint: Red pants come in a variety of styles: denim, chinos and corduroy. Find a style that fits your personality to make the look yours.

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