LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: You’ll Be My American Boy

Election season is in full swings. Between the campaign ads, debates and political discussions consuming every conversation, the election is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Obama or Romney? Republican or Democrat?

Regardless of your political affiliation or preference in candidate, one thing we can all agree on is this Fashionisto’s outfit is all American. While the red, white and blue is usually reserved for Fourth of July season, this election is bringing out the U.S.A. pride in all of us. His flag tank is bold, cheeky and perfect in every red-blooded American’s eyes.

Even better? He paired his tank with staples of any Fashionisto’s closet. What college wardrobe is complete without an American Apparel hoodie, boot cut jeans and Rainbow flip flops? These are must have basics for any Fashionisto.

Hint: Show your pride for your candidate this election season through more then just your vote. Voting Romney? Try rocking these red chinos in support of the Republican party. Voting for Obama? Opt for this blue button-down to show your support for the Democratic party.

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