This Fashionisto’s hat says it all—this dude has SWAG. Swag (short for swagger) is somewhat indefinable. It is that “it” factor that lets the world know you are presentable, fashionable and an all around cool guy.

So what make’s this Fashionisto have swag? Well for starters, he is rocking a Canadian tuxedo like it is a high-end, custom suit. As you may have already heard, the denim-on-denim look is here to stay. He took the look from frumpy to fresh by adding a cuff to the bottom of his skinny jeans and throwing on tons of layers. This Fashionisto’s striped hoodie, cardigan and black crew neck T-shirt certainly keeps him warm without adding a lot of extra bulk. That is the key to layering—find pieces that are thin yet pack a lot of punch with their unique prints, styles and cuts.

Some people say you can’t create swag; it is just a way of life. But follow in the footsteps of this Fashionisto and you are bound of to have a bit of swag yourself.

Hint: D.I.Y. swag by taking a pair of knit gloves and chopping off the fingers like this Fashionisto. The look is very edgy, chic and makes it much easier to check out CollegeFashionista on your iPhone.

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