I mean where to begin. The platforms? The briefcase? His glasses? It is rare that I am at a loss of words when talking about a Fashionista or Fashionisto. But this Fashionisto’s style is so jaw-dropping and awe inspiring, words simply don’t do his look justice.

While I feel I must note this Fashionisto’s avante garde footwear, I know most Fashionistos would not be comfortable sporting such a bold look. (For those of you with the fashion gumption to do so, check out this pair by Underground—a-maz-ing.) But even for the timid, this Fashionisto’s outfit delivers something to envy—his parka. With the weather getting cooler, everyone needs a warm coat to brace with dropping temperatures and biting winds. Every true Fashionisto not only needs a coat, but the right coat. This Fashionisto’s coat has fur, shearling and toggles—all which individually make a coat worth noticing.

Perhaps what I love most about his parka, however, is the color. While most Fashionistos opt for black, navy or tan, this Fashionisto took a different and much appreciated approach. The gorgeous cerulean blue is stunning and adds a bit of warmth even on the coldest of days. When shopping for your fall/winter coat, be bright and think bold.

Whether you would sport creepers or not, take this Fashionisto’s look to heart when shopping for a parka.

Hint: For extra protection against the chilly temperatures, layer a crewneck under your parka like this Fashionisto.

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