While it may have been what Brazillians call “winter” when I was in Sao Paulo, there was definitely no shortage of warm weather. I spotted today's trendsetter heading out of class on a scourching hot day. The weather played a signficant role in his ensemble choice from his lightweight floral shirt to his linen white pants, he was very much on trend while staying cool. 

I spotted this trendsetter heading outside for a break from his design classes. The language barrier brought only the slightest damper on our conversation as I was still able to ask him about his look. You could tell he had a technical background from the way he styled his belt, cuffed his pants, his retro frames and his HUGE tattoo “Fashion Passion.” Now that's a commitment to fashion.

Not only was I impressed with the Fashionistas in Sao Paulo, but the Fashionistos brought style to a whole new level. 

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