For seasons now we have seen the denim-on-denim look (also known as the “Canadian Tuxedo” or “denim sandwich”) go from faux pas to front row fashion. Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike have been spotted wearing this look that it is becoming common place on campuses across the globe. But what if you wanted to take this trend to a new level?

When I first spotted this Fashionisto, I like most assumed he was putting his own take on the denim-on-denim look. I appreciated his use of different hues of denim; opting for a chambray shirt and dark… wait those aren’t jeans. In fact, this Fashionisto fooled us all by opting for navy, slim cut chinos instead of the commonplace denim pants. The result: fresh, inspired and ultra preppy.

This Fashionisto taught us all a great lesson in style. Sometimes an outfit isn’t what it seems to be. Take a second to appreciate

Hint: Chinos are a must-have item for a Fashionisto. They can be cuffed for a relaxed look like this Fashionisto. Or pair them with a button-down and bowtie for fun weekend ensemble.

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