LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Overcoming the Pre-Winter Blues

It’s mid November and that means a slew of chunky knits, scarves and pea coats, winter boots, and of course the all around essential color of black. It is just me, or is it that when winter begins to roll around, the bight hues of yellows and oranges seem to disappear? Although the next few months seem to drag on as the days turn shorter, it does not mean that your fashion sense has to take a hit!

Fashion blogs are showing floral patterns that the daring Fashionisto would be willing to try. Por Homme features a small print floral shirt that is perfect for layering under v-neck sweaters, like our Fashionisto did here. The Dandy Project shows a fantastic, and more adventurous, use of the floral pattern as a jazz shoe.

This week’s Fashionisto demonstrates the use of color for the especially drab days of the long winter months. He layered his floral print button down shirt with a bright red v-neck sweater and accompanied the top with a balanced bottom of dark wash jeans. For his outerwear, this Fashionisto used a corduroy jacket. I found a similar corduroy 3rd piece as a blazer which will not only serve for warmth, it also allows you to get away without wearing a bulky jacket for just a couple more weeks!

Enjoy these last few weeks before winter rolls around, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! It will be a long couple of months before you get to see shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops again! But keep in mind, although the summer months are long behind us, it is not an excuse to wear boring outfits. The winter season brings out rich jewel tones, thicker fabrics, and lots of layers! Do not be afraid to venture out of the sea of black sweaters and cardigans, but to incorporate warm colors and patterns into your wardrobe!

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