As I make my way through Midtown Manhattan on my way home from work, I’m constantly dodging many business women and men alike. Walking through these crowds I always keep my eye out for a fashionable individual. I look around and admire different wardrobes that are worn for different industries.

One thing that I have found similar is that most men choose to sport a backpack to work. Usually the backpacks consist of North Faces and Jansports, but this Fashionisto pleasantly surprised me with his awesome caramel colored leather cinch-up backpack. Although, he referred to his look as “super casual” I still think his backpack makes him look pretty sharp. Don’t you think? He sports an earthy green pair of shorts with a blue breezy long sleeve shirt. His hoodie underneath adds a pop of white that matches perfectly with the laces on his two-toned loafers.

Think about it this way: we might have a collection of bags, but who wants to transfer all of their stuff every day before work? Why not invest in a bag that looks great at every angle and with any outfit combination? Try this Fossil backpack featured at Nordstrom in a chocolate brown. Or, try out this forest green and brown mixed media backpack on Revolve. If you’re looking for something classic, try this caramel colored bag from Clava Leather.

Hint: Stick to neutral colors to maximize versatility with different outfits and colors.

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