For many years, Fashionistas/os have strictly obeyed the “rules of the season”—especially when determining to the appropriate choice of colors to wear during a particular season. This long list of unspoken rules is the birthplace of the popular claims that condemn wearing white during the winter and rich tones like burgundy and gold during the summer. Among these rules is one concerning pastels specifically. A group of colors consisting of mint green, baby blue, lilac, coral and many others, pastels have always had their place in women’s fashion; however, it is not until recently that their presence has been noted heavily in men’s structured blazers, trouser pants, as well as trouser shorts. The look has been adopted by celebrity Fashionistos such as Kanye West and Brad Goreski. Reminiscent of the elegance and grace of women’s fashion, pastels in general have been described as light and flowery. Perhaps it is these associations that have led them to be regarded as constituting a palette that is characteristic of the spring season – when flowers are in bloom. I personally cannot shake the parallel to the colorful wardrobes of Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs in the popular '80s television series, Miami Vice. No matter what the discourse surrounding them, however, it is safe to say that pastels rarely make an appearance in the fall and winter seasons. Nevertheless, this Fashionisto, a true risk-taker by nature, manages to make the look happen.

I met up with this Fashionisto at Square 80 on a frigid, but sunny afternoon. His mint green trousers coupled with a burnt orange V-neck sweater made for an eye-catching ensemble. Altogether, the look announced spring!

Having already brilliantly defied one of the rules of fashion, which restricts pastels to spring and summer seasons only, he pushed the envelope by accessorizing with a horizontally-striped steel blue and crimson tie held together by a tie clip that mirrored the color scheme of his outfit. To finish off, he wore polished deep brown work shoes and playful argyle socks that were revealed by the heightened hem of his trousers.

Wedged in a sea of students in the conventional neutral colors of fall, this Fashionisto’s decision to opt for a lighter palette worked in his favor. Often criticized when implemented in fall fashion, pastels can be complimentary when worn properly. For example, while pastels best complement each other, it is important to avoid combinations that are overwhelming. Also, in some instances, soft pastels may be preferable rather that hard or dark pastels, and vice versa.

Contrary to the “rules of the season,” I find it more applicable for Fashionistos to “dress like the weather” instead. That is, one should not pass up the opportunity to wear a colored blazer on a dry and sunny day just because it is the fall season. Color schemes should be illustrative of the weather, not the season exclusive to particular seasons, and should differ on a day-to-day basis.

Hint: For a similar look, start with coral chinos with a skinny fit and cuffed slightly at the hem. On top, layer a solid white or periwinkle button-up shirt with a steel blue V-neck sweater. Finish of the look with Desert Boot Originals by Clark or two-toned wing-tipped oxfords. Alas, a pastel look for the fall that is sure to turn heads!

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