LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Piquant Detailing

Sometimes there is a certain je ne sais quois that allows someone to effuse a style aesthetic that you can't quite put your finger on. Well, apart from being touched by the elusive fashion fairy godmother's wand, another answer to taking your look from pedestrian to Fashionisto is focusing on the details. Today's Fashionisto caught my eye for his sharp asymmetrical jacket and bright trousers, but he drew me in with some key styling details.

Asymmetrical zips are commonly a feature on leather biker jackets, but its place on this Fashionisto's wool jacket gives his look a modern edge. The military-inspired, double-breasted look with the six buttons and large peak lapels effuses an instant elegance. The shoulders are sharp and bold, framing this Fashionisto's coveted inverted triangle silhouette nicely. The wonderful detailing that he has included in this look is his popped collar. This detail not only oozes confidence, but it also serves a functional purpose against those harsh autumn winds.

Yves Saint Laurent once said, “To have style, you must believe in yourself.” This definitely should be your mantra to pulling off a popped collar. It is such a defiant look that a commitment to this styling detail, coupled with nonchalance, is essential. This Fashionisto also added a light knit grey scarf; it helps fill out his popped collar so the detail does not overwhelm his upper body. Find jackets that have a sharp, full collar to achieve this styling detail, like this industrial asymmetrical zip jacket from Zara. For a more classic look, try this double-breasted peacoat from UNIQLO and pair it with a woolen tartan scarf for a Scottish-highlander aesthetic.

Bright-colored, slim stretch trousers were a major trend this year from spring to summer; but as this Fashionisto demonstrates, you don't have to pack them away entirely for this season. The detailing to pick up from his trousers is the vertical crease at the front. The sharp lines created by his asymmetrical zip and sharp collar are complemented by the crease on his trousers. In terms of accessory details, this Fashionisto has contrasted the modernity of his sharp look with some vintage-inspired tortoiseshell optical glasses. Tortoiseshell frames are a main staple of WASPs and academics. Investing in some good quality ones will not go to waste. The final styling detail of this Fashionisto is his no-sock look coupled with his loafers. There seems to have been a lot of back and forth on the acceptability of this styling detail, but for the casual, tailored look of this Fashionisto, nothing could be more appropriate. A quick and dirty trick for the colder climes is to opt for these no-show loafer liners from Forgetful Gentleman!

The final word from this self-proclaimed preppy Fashionisto is to always bring your own individuality to accepted style norms.

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