LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Please Print—Kaleidoscope Ken

Get into it: Fashionistos all over have made this year the year of the printed button-up. From Hawaiian to floral, to African prints, the trend has made its mark and seems to be making its way into fall fashion as Fashionistos layer with V-neck sweaters and other outerwear. The trend has many headed to their local Urban Outfitters, which features a sizeable collection of the shirts, as well as thrift and vintage stores and dad’s closet for a chance to score items from a more genuine collection. As a fanatic of '90s fashion, my heart is skipping with joy; I have found love in a hopeless place indeed.

I spotted this Fashionisto proudly exercising his right to bear prints on a grim and rainy day at Kogan Plaza. His button-up shirt, featuring a kaleidoscope of colors, pulled me in instantly. And as if that was not enough, this Fashionisto had more to offer. In the tradition of fall fashion, he layered with a lightweight, deep olive parka, and a camel-colored woolen scarf. Parkas are great for the fall and early spring, intermediate seasons that offer a great opportunity for layering, especially when heavy coats are not always necessary. While hooded parkas offer the convenience of protection from frigid and rainy weather, the brown corduroy collar adds a fashionable twist, and allows for versatility; we would not be thrown off if this Fashionisto decided to pair his parka with a suit. The subtlety in his dark-washed skinny jeans, cuffed right above the ankles, and his worn-in platform sneakers all succeeded in emphasizing his printed button-up.

Real men may wear pink, but it’s the ability to wear a murse (man purse) that separates the men from the boys. In which case, the more appropriate title for this segment should be “Let’s Hear It for the Men!” This Fashionisto dignified his murse, courtesy of MVIO, a popular Korean outfitter for men. To finish off the look, he accessorized with colorful beaded bracelets, a watch and a pair of rounded sunglasses, popularized in the late '60s by celebrities like Bob Dylan. This ensemble, a mix of fashionable pieces from various decades is a true masterpiece, and complements this Fashionisto’s great eye for details! Fellas, please print.

Hint: For a similar look, pair cuffed skinny jeans or trousers with a Hawaiian style print shirt; thrift stores are great places to find these! Add a solid-colored scarf and pea-coat, and complement the bottoms with Clarks Desert Boot Originals.  Finish off the look with a cross-body bag or murse, and statement jewelry and eyewear!

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