LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Polka-Dots, Pastels and Plaids, Oh My!

First, let me state that I am in love with this Fashionisto's look from head to toe. His use of different colors and patterns all come together to make for an outfit that exudes an easy style and grace.

The pastel purple, blue, green and pink on his striped scarf works perfect for this spring season. Guys usually shy away from pastel colors, either because they look too soft and feminine or maybe because they bring up some horrid childhood memories about Easter eggs (you've got to admit, the Easter bunny is a little creepy). Either way, they're nothing to be afraid of and are actually a nice route to go for adding color to your wardrobe, as opposed to going neon.

The pastel trend was forecast last fall at fashion weeks in both New York and London, with brands like Acne, Jonathan Saunders and Mulberry blazing the trail on the runway.

This Fashionisto's blue chambray polka-dot blazer from Topshop is my favorite piece of his ensemble because it offers a chic and unique take on the standard men's blazer. His addition of a plaid handkerchief in the breast pocket just adds the icing on the cake!

Hint: The color black is not your friend as the temperatures steadily climb as we near summer. For one, black (and other darker colors) absorb heat, which we're sure you want to avoid when it's a sunny, 90 degree Chicago day. So, as the temperatures warm, warm up your wardrobe with whites, yellows and pastels. You can thank us later.

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