Let's get this clear now, guys. White is perfectly fine before, during and after Labor Day (fashion rules are meant to be broken). Sure, it's months away and this Fashionisto is clearly within the unwritten guidelines, but let his look be inspiration for you down the road.

At the height of rush hour on the famous “Mag Mile,” I picked him out of the crowd for his laid-back, preppy look. He styles his light blue oxford shirt unbuttoned and untucked to give his outfit a looser feel. His white, cotton pants are stylish yet they look comfortable, which is always a plus.

A nice pair of white pants should be in every Fashionisto's closet. If not for its indisputable freshness then for its versatility. You can take them a step further than this Fashionisto and dress it down more with a open, denim button-down and a fitted v-neck shirt. Or, you can dress it up with a patterned oxford shirt, vest and blazer. Add a skinny tie and voila, you have the perfect outfit and you don't look anything like a sailor or a milkman.

Hint: Because white will nearly always look pristine and clean, let the rest of your outfit go the more rugged route. Break out your favorite pair of worn down brown loafers and some wooden jewelry to highlight the contrast. And if you want to go the extra mile, grow a beard!

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