No matter which way you spin it, punk is hot. While the preppy, self-important and entitled man is the kind that you want to take home to your parents, the punk rock dirty Billie Joe Armstrong look-alike is just the kind of guy girlie teen magazines have been telling you to sleep with for years. Punk rock is normally associated with ugly hair styles, tattoos and unmentionable diseases, but the one gem to come out of all that noise is the fashion style. This Fashionisto sports a punk-chic aesthetic that has all the sex appeal of the genre, and none of the stank.

I cannot get over this leather jacket. When wearing a leather jacket, a rule of thumb is that leather should never look like “pleather”, even if you’re a vegan. It’s like wearing a fake designer handbag that your uncle bought you from China that says “MADE IN CHINA” right across its label. I can’t tell whether this leather jacket has a cow’s soul and suffering sewn into it, and that’s a secret that will have to die with this Fashionisto. Skewed zippers are finally in. They add a new dimension to normally cliché pieces like leather jackets, rain coats etc., but the way it travels up the lapel like some grungified leather peacoat is the kind of detailing Gareth Pugh dreams of. That’s runway talk for “ZOMG AMAZEBALLS!!” The golden zippers on this leather jacket give it a ritzy edge. The hardware on your jacket is vital to its fashion appeal; it’s like the leather interior of your leather jacket.

And that’s the magic of punk rock. All you need is one amazing item and you leave the rest of your clothes simple to do it justice. A plain white tee and loose, dark washed jeans do the trick. What can I say about jeans and a T-shirt that wouldn’t be trite and over used, other than the fact that they look great on everyone. Plato said, “Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity,” and he must have known what he was talking about because all he wore was a toga and sandals.

White sneakers are cool but beat-up white sneaker are punk. I encourage every Fashionisto/a to have at least one pair of bright shoes. They pop with your dark wash jeans and corduroys and add some youthful disregard for traditional shoe design to your style. Beat up white sneakers bring a whole new irony to the color pop. Muddied and torn whites say, “Look at this article of clothing that I intended on keeping clean and pure as when I bought it, but ended up messing it up anyway.” Like torn jeans, these beat-up white shoes look like they’ve been places and have memories.

Punk, and any other rock aesthetic, is based on brute beauty. But there’s a fine line between what looks dirty and what looks weathered, and you always want to be the latter. I encourage you all to try out a punk look especially in the spring season; just don’t go all hardcore on us.

Hint: Here’s another quote to take home with you, “Keep it simple, stupid.” Try these simply elegant J.Crew jeans and these worn-out sneakers from AllSaints, which I actually own. Also from the British design team, this leather jacket screams punk — but remember at a punk concert, no one can hear you scream.

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