LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Pushing The Style Culture Boundaries

If there is one lesson learned from these past two weeks of writing for CollegeFashionista, it would be to have your camera available at all times. On my way to class, at student organization meetings, or even just to run errands downtown; there seemed to always be one fashionable man out of the sea of socks and sandals. Last week, University of Iowa students caught a glimpse of the coming fall months. Everywhere on campus there would be a male sporting a double-breasted jacket, a cardigan, or chinos-a Style Guru’s dream! But, of course, the one day I decide to switch bags I forget to transfer my camera. Just. My. Luck.

For those next few days I toted that camera everywhere I went, but with no avail. Finally, I found this week’s Fashionisto on his way to class. What struck a chord about this outfit was the idea of two seemingly different style cultures intertwining into one outfit. This Fashionisto wore a patterned button-down from Armani Exchange, associating with the business culture, then balanced out his formal top with slim fit jeans, a popular choice of bottoms in the hipster culture. To add flair, this Fashionisto rocked some Nike Air Force 1’s to pull his outfit together.

A great way to mix up this outfit is to exchange the jeans for chinos, incorporate some denim with a chambray shirt, and finish the outfit with these Classic Low Canvas iD shoes from Nike.

For Fashionistas wanting to mix style culture barriers, I suggest the classic men's inspired outfit using a chino trouser, oxfords, and a sheer woven top to balance out the masculinity.

Do not be afraid of mixing two style dependent cultures in one outfit. The hipster culture has clothing items that are more fit and streamline. On the other hand, Hip Hop culture is all about the baggy jeans, sweat pants, and massive t-shirts. Although opposite in style, with the right pieces, each part of the outfit can complement each other. These styles create a symmetry within the outfit and makes for that one stylish Fashionisto on campus.

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