LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Rainwear Worn Right

There is a common misconception that rainboots are solely for women. Although I have seen a couple brave men done these rubber soles, the shape of the shoes style makes everyone, man or woman, look a bit awkward. But what is a Fashionisto to do during a storm? Lately many companies have begun releasing alternatives to traditional rain shoes that not only protect your feet but also add to your outfit. 

The rain did not deter this week's Fashionisto from dressing well. He wears a light blue stripped button-down shirt with matching navy blue pants. He accessorizes his look with a brown leather belt, a yellow and black umbrella, and sure enough a sturdy pair of rain shoes. His weather appropriate choice are duck shoes, and although they have always been great for all kinds of precipitation, only now have the begun to be stylish. 

Take for example Native's Jimmy Duck Boot at Urban Outfitters. The shoes faintly resemble the brown and navy traditional duck boots, but have been modernized with an all black color scheme and a nicer shoe cut. This style of boot is the perfect combination of functionality and fashion, which is often a difficult feat. Don't get stuck in the rain, step into a pair of modern duck boots and enjoy both their comfort and look. 

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