Today we'll define “swagger.” According to the trusty Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it can be defined as “to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence.” While that may be the original definition, translated to its street value, it simply means “cool,” or according to Urban Dictionary, “to dress in a very stylish and quirkily fashionable way.” Needless to say, I like that definition a lot better.

This Fashionisto's entire aura screams “swagger” (or “swag”) to me, from his slicked-back hair, to his dark Ray-Ban Wayfarers all the way own to his rugged, brown combats (his knuckle tattoos are pretty cool, too). He makes getting dressed in the morning look as easy as tying your shoes. 

This Fashionisto softens up his tough look by adding a collared button-down and a light, pullover sweater that doesn't quite go the preppy way but makes him look clean and very well put together.

Hint: “Swag” is all about self-confidence and the way you carry yourself. If you're comfortable with what you're wearing, whether it be sweats and a hoodie or a three-piece suit, the “swagger” will follow.

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