LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Backpacks Are Back

If you want to be completely comfortable and still look good going to class, follow this Fashionisto’s lead.

There’s nothing more comfortable than a sweatshirt. It’s a closet temptation that is almost irresistible on cold winter days. Fashionistos, there’s hope. There is a place where fashion and sweatshirts combine to make a happy medley. Take this Fashionisto for example, in a vintage white sweatshirt. Sweatshirts may not always be the most fashionable choice, but vintage is. A vintage sweatshirt is the perfect and rare combination of style and comfort that we all seek. This Fashionisto stylishly pairs his sweatshirt with a puffy bomber jacket showing us you can be chic, comfortable and warm all at once. 

He also has the gloves and shades but the best next best part of his outfit is his backpack. His striped backpack is a preppy addition to an otherwise unpreppy outfit. It creates a nice convergence of styles. When I saw him walking it was his backpack that caught my eye. It went so well with his bomber jacket and his dark jeans and I wouldn't have thought of it myself.

Most college students use backpacks for utility instead of style. This Fashionisto shows us that we can do both. My style advice for you, inspired by this Fashionisto, is to ditch the Jansport and pick up a patterned or textured backpack for spring. It’s right around the corner and who knows, maybe it’ll be extra motivation to hit the books and head to class.

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