LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Simply Spring Green

Spring is a time for fun, light colors. Whenever I see a Fashionista/o in spring colors my heart leaps a bit. Many Fashionista/o have a tendency to ignore the season completely and wear whatever colors match best. While I love well put together outfits an outfit becomes that much more effective when it is aligned with the season. You can also get away with a very simple outfit so long as it works with the season. This Fashionisto realized that and decided to show his love for spring.

This Fashionisto's outfit is all about simplicity. He wears the perfect color top for the season, and that is commendable. He's wearing a lime green Ralph Lauren polo with a pink accent color on the pony. As soon as I saw the pink accent with the green I knew I was in love with the top. It's very understated, which I appreciate, but because of how bright the shirt is it immediately catches your attention. He know that's the focal point of his outfit, so he doesn't do much with the shorts and shoes. He goes for basic khaki shorts and Sperrys. Fellow Fashionistos, if you wear one article that's going to be your focal point, khaki shorts and Sperrys are your friend.

If you're interested in creating this outfit with a little bit of added style I would have to suggest these ASOS long wing correspondent brogues. They are incredibly stylish and give a very refined look to your outfit without taking away from the focal point. If you're into the lime polo but you want a more fitted look you could definitely go for the weathered custom-fit polo. It has the same lime green color with a pink accent and a very slimming fit. Finally if you're really into white for spring but you want to stand out, try this woven trim polo. The stripes under the collar bring life to the shirt and will definitely be eye-catching. Remember to show your love for spring.

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