LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Split Personality

Every week I go hunting on campus with my camera with hopes of finding the perfect prey: a stylish young man that inspires me. All this time I had been searching all over and failing to see what was in front of me this whole time, my fashionable roommate. Living with a boy is not easy. First off, when you run out of cute things to wear, you cannot go borrow your roommate's cute little black dress (LBD) or her heals that match your outfit perfectly. Second off, it’s hard to live with a boy who owns more shoes and shirts than you — and I own a lot of shoes. This manly Fashionisto is no joke. He perfected the nonchalant artist, skateboarder and hipster look all in one.

The artist: When he is not wearing his paint-stained jeans, he rocks “jorts.” If you had asked me two years ago how I felt about cut-off jeans, I would have puked and walked away, appalled at the question asked. Disproving my original opinion on those shorts, this Fashionisto truly showed me how “jorts” were done. By taking a good, skinny pair of jeans, in his case Levi Brand Jeans, and cutting them yourself then rolling them up to create a slim hem, you can easily perfect cut-off jeans.

The skateboarder (in his case longboarder): This look is easy to achieve; carry the board of your choice and wear any item of clothing from Vans. Not only are his shoes, but his belt is also from Vans. Correspondingly, try getting a cool hairstyle. Dreadlocks are really in. It seems like no matter where I go, the coolest dogs always have dreads, pun intended.

The hipster: Sleeveless T-shirts or loose tanks will do the trick. Try having a cool graphic that does not make much sense in the front. The more obscure, the better. In this Fashionisto’s case, he’s sporting The Dirt Label’s logo. Having some sort of jewelry will also help out your look. Pick something that grabs attention but is not too flashy, for example, these whistle necklaces from Falling Whistles. They look super trendy and all the proceeds go towards rehabilitate child soldiers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Combine different looks to express yourself because after all, that’s what fashion is all about!

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