LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Sporting A Fashionable Look

The end of fall semester can signify many different things. Relief from final exams being over, excitement for the upcoming holidays and spending much needed time with family and friends are a few of these. Returning home for the month of break usually means a return to the routine of your hometown and that sometimes involves in engaging in activities you did while in high school. One thing all of us collegiates are fortunate to do without though are high school uniforms.

Without explicit uniforms, we are able to creatively showcase our style and who we are. While this is true, throughout my semester reporting on men's fashion, I have noticed a sort of unofficial uniform donned by the men of our campus.

This Fashionisto is sporting the typical uniform of Illinois men by wearing a plaid button-up and a pair of khakis. This is one of the easiest outfits a Fashionisto can throw on in the morning on the way to class while not sacrificing style for comfort. This look can easily be dressed down by layering your button-up open over a basic T-shirt or dressed up by layering it under a sweater for a fun pop of color and pattern.

The easiest way to showcase your individuality and creativity when wearing a uniform is through your accessories like this Fashionisto shows here. Depending on what type of jacket and shoes a Fashionisto chooses to wear totally changes the look of an outfit. I love how this Fashionisto accentuated his outfit with sporty touches. First, this Fashionisto chooses a baseball hat which he throws on backwards for a casual, cool touch to his outfit. He adds another sporty element with his varsity-esque jacket with rigged cuffs. This Fashionisto finishes his look with a pair of skater shoes that match his shirt to tie his whole outfit together.

To create a uniformed look like this Fashionisto, start with a plaid button-up and pair of khakis. Add personal elements to your outfit to showcase your individuality, like this Fashionisto did with his jacket and shoes. In or out of school, your fashion efforts will earn you an “A-plus”!  

Hint: This Fashionisto made his look by adding sporty touches. If you're going to wear the men's unofficial uniform of a button-up and khakis, make sure to add some personality through accessories like your jacket and shoes. 

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