LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Spring Hits Southern California

Spring cleaning arrives early to the season-absent weather of sunny Southern California. As a consequence, we no longer see dark, wintery and thick fabrics; in contrast, we welcome bright, vivacious and flamboyant colors that encompass the palette currently present on the campus of Whittier College. Spring is all about disposing those cobweb-stricken garments and salvaging season appropriate apparel that may be outdated; but now, more than ever, the spring season finds itself fitting for that vintage look we’ve been searching for all year. This Fashionisto is no exception with his assortment of different colors that embrace and complement the very essence of spring.

Hip-hop and skateboard cultures have inspired this Fashionisto, who rocks a bright red, limited edition T-shirt from Kidrobot, straight-leg RCVA jeans and high-top bumblebee Nike Dunks. He provides casual wear with a flare of color, which is reminiscent of a season that's awoken early on the west coast.

Vintage Nike Dunks are a huge fad among sneaker heads alike,who will go to any extent in order to get their hands on some rare kicks. They look great with a pair of skinny jeans or even straight-leg jeans like the ones this Fashionisto is flawlessly wearing. A great selection of kicks can be found at Blue & Cream; you can also check out the release dates on all the latest Nike sneaker trends.

An early spring has awakened the Whittier College campus from its pseudo-winter slumber by invigorating colors back into the scheme of everyday apparel. Don’t be hesitant to pull something old or “last season” out from the dusty closet – it may be that new piece of inspiration that makes you’re style distinct.

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