LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Springtime For Fashion

They say March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb; but now that it’s April, wool is the last thing on our minds. Mother Earth is finally turning away her cold shoulder so we can finally start shedding our winter coats. This is the perfect moment for edgy Fashionistos to say, “YOLO,” and pull out the neon yellow.

There is nothing mellow about the yellow this Fashionisto is wearing — bright and pastel like the Easter egg my Jewish mother would never let me paint. Here's a stereotype based in fact: men in lively, sunny colors are welcoming and stylish. Fashion is about being noticed for your clothing choices, so get noticed! Wear a color that doesn’t occur naturally in a bruise and I promise you will be #winning in no time. 

A lightweight coat is necessary at this point in the year. Nylon windbreakers make a decent spring jacket, but they sacrifice texture. This Fashionisto’s lightweight trapper jacket does not surrender comfort for shape. It has a great cut and pocket detailing, and it keeps a Fashionisto out of the chill while not looking like he just got back from warming up for a basketball game. This kind of jacket says, “Let’s go day drinking, even though I won’t need  my drunk coat to keep me warm today.”

You ought to know the drill by now: loose-fitting dark wash jeans are casual and not emasculating. They’re cuffed a half inch as if it's an afterthought of our subject. Canvas Sperrys are a lightweight shoe that can match every lightweight jacket. Are you noticing a trend here? Heavy coats, scarves and sweaters are an anachronism this time of year, so do the children in Cambodia a favor and start wearing less fabric.

This week we learned that lightweight and pastel are the key to your spring wardrobes. Make your closet a little more cotton candy and rainbows and I promise you’ll make it to next fall with a smile on your face.

Hint: Another great masculine pastel is the seafoam blue curacao hue of this J.Crew shirt. Wear it under this ever so utile barbour coat when there's just enough breeze to give you the shivers. Also, don't shy away from fashionable glasses. Try this pair from Oliver Peoples.

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