With the loud colours and vibrant prints of summer winding down, you may find yourself turning into a fashion magpie for style inspiration. This condition results in only being attracted to obvious fashion statements, like jewel and pastel tones or popular Aztec, floral and geometric prints. I passed a couple Fashionistos sporting pastel mint shades, azure blues and, my favourite, rich, mahogany maroons, but I wasn't compelled to capture them. Spotting this Fashionisto in Marsh Chapel on Boston University's campus was like the refreshing scent of a cinnamon pumpkin latte. Today's Fashionisto is the leader of the trendsetters, as his subtle look showcases new trends sure to come with the autumn breeze.  

This fall is really all about simplicity: from Prada to Kean Etro, trends for men this fall redefine what an understated look is. There is nothing minimalist about creating this discrete look; instead, think about cutting through the last of the summer haze with a bold, masculine attitude. His look really captures the essence of that attitude, while still being effortless and functional. His tapered, stonewashed blue jeans are an excellent starting point for putting this look together. Structuring an outfit around a good pair of jeans reduces the amount of work you have to put into a polished look. Splurge a little on quality jeans, like these Levi's in a trendy, inky blue tone, or try a pair like these from Zara. Today's Fashionisto has a tall, slim frame and has chosen jeans in a straight cut. Remember: there are lots of different cuts for jeans so if you are not sure what would suit you best, try them on. Just like women, men, too, should be conscious of their body shape.

Next, this philosophy student put a pinstriped, blue shirt and a navy blue skinny tie together. This gives a nod to '60s fashion and his style inspiration, Agent Dale Cooper from the hit '90s television series Twin Peaks. This Fashionisto's look wakes us from the dregs of summer, leaving us with fall trends and a relaxed, collegiate look. Notice how his skinny tie compliments the straight cut of his jeans; ties and other necktie pieces are great, sophisticated pieces to have. Try going for ties in different materials, like this black studded tie or this unusual knitted tie. He also added a silver tie clip, which gives a wonderful detail to his look and showcases exactly how a skinny tie should be accessorized. When sporting a tie clip, however, remember these three golden rules, kindly documented for you by GQ magazine.

The finishing touches to this Fashionisto's look are his brown belt, brogue shoes and wayfarers. The chocolate brown adds subtle color to his otherwise all-blue ensemble, and the wayfarers are a timeless touch. Ultimately, this look works for our Fashionisto because he is the one commanding the attention; his clothes are merely there to help. As important as it is to wear good clothes, remember to not let them wear you!

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