In the last weeks the weather here in São Paulo, or better, in Brazil, was crazy. We had record temperatures — the heat was really unbearable. To refresh, not only did the lighter clothes help, but also a good dose of ice cream and juices.

Here in the south hemisphere summer will arrive in December bringing more sunshine and high temperatures. To handle this warm air, the right and comfortable clothes make all the difference. The Fashionisto of this week chooses light clothing — basic and fashionable. Starting with a black V-neck made with a very fine fabric is perfect to leave the body well ventilated. To complete the look, he choosea white twill shorts, an important part to support these heatwaves in Brazil. To complete the look we have the famous Keds shoes, a brand that started late in the 19th Century and are still popular today.

Hint: You can change the color, shape or style, but in the summer the most important is the light and airy fabric. This is the main feature that makes the look perfect because when you see a person wearing a leather jacket and pants in 40 degree temperatures, this will be very strange. Learning to dress not only with the clothes that are high on the catwalks is very important — showing others that you feel comfortable is the key.

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