Who has never heard about Versace, one of the most important designers of the twentieth century? Created by Gianni Versace, the brand has always been synonymous with luxury and glamour. The founder knew how to expose what was happening throughout the world in popular culture, since the creation of the brand until his tragic death. For example, the power dressing of the '80s.

As a fan of the Versace brand, the Fashionisto chooses a T-shirt that has a great photo of one of the biggest names of the fashion world. This T-shirt is different from the others because it has neon colors making the T-shirt funnier and Brazilian's summer face. To complement the summer´s color, he wears pastel blue shorts.

To finish the look, this Fashionisto chooses less flashy accessories. The first is the black hat, which gives charm to the look. The second is his black diamond-patterned tennis shoes. These two combined with the rest of the look are perfect.

Hint: You must have attitude to wear clothes with flashy colors — without that the clothes become boring and you will feel strange.

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