Nothing speaks summer like 94 degree heat in the streets of New York. It may be hotter in different parts of the country, but the NYC bright sunshine and heat can’t be beat. On days like this I am so impressed with all of the men who combat the weather with true style. I always opt for something that is easy to throw on, that I won’t get too hot in, but I’ve found that a lot of guys take a different approach, and I commend you all.

I was first drawn in by this Fashionisto’s salmon pants but when I asked him if I could take the photo of him his friend asked if he could be in it as well. I couldn’t say no and upon second glance I noticed that his outfit was just as summery fresh! They both have chosen a lighter-weight pant as well as a loose fitting style for a breezy vibe. Each is wearing a cool graphic cotton tee, another versatile item in such hot temperatures.

They both have a different factor in their outfit that makes you think “Hey, that’s an awesome look!” The salmon pants are especially great: they're a really good color for guys and when paired with a simple white tee and crisp white shoes, it just screams summer chic. The other Fashionisto has chosen great accessories to go with his look. His mixed media bag is great for different seasons and goes with many different outfits as well as his large-faced watch. His powder blue lace up canvas sneakers make the look complete.

What do they have in common you ask? Sick shades. Nothing says summer like a great pair of sunglasses. They also have very different styles. One Fashionisto opted for a more classic, vintage Wayfarer whereas the other chose a more uniquely printed rounded frame. The glasses smartly shield their eyes from the hot sun but also contribute to the breeziness of the summer look.

Hint: Not sure what kind of sunglasses you look good in? Go into a store that sells a lot of styles and brands of sunglasses to get a better feel for what kind of frame fits your face. Bring a friend for a second opinion.

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