Global warming seems to be awkwardly affecting the weather at an all-time high this year. This spring/summer it feels like we have seen sun, wind, and rain every week in rotation. Remaining fashionable for this ever changing weather can sometimes be a daunting task for a college Fashionisto who wants to be comfortable yet fashionable while out and about.

This Fashionisto shows that you can dress weather-appropriate and fashionable at the same time. Meet Alain Lucas, a HU Fashionisto who feels that, “windy weather should not stop you from giving a look, even if the outfit is simple”. Alain wears a simple Calvin Klein white t-shirt which is thin and comfortable on a rainy day. The t-shirt is layered with a blue J. Lindenberg parka which is perfect for stopping high winds while looking stylish. He wears a pair of standard Naked & Famous Denim that are cuffed at the ankles to show his cool pink socks and a pair of floral Dr. Martens bucks which add a pop of excitement into the mix and one of the print trends for the summer. On windy or rainy summer days the sun tends to stay around throughout the day which, for some, is an eye sore. Alain sports a pair of affordable vintage sunglasses from American Apparel to keep the sun out of his eyes while adding to his aura.

On a rainy/windy summer day it is okay to wear the basic pieces with one statement piece. My advice, invest into a great fashionable rain jacket that works and will last. My philosophy is quality over quantity. Investing into a quality rain jacket will allow you to be comfortable and dry during “iffy” weather, while still allowing you to showcase your individual style and let the world know that you are always at your best rain, sleet, or shine!

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