LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Bare Necessities

Minimalism’s been a trend for quite some season for both men and women and with the bipolar weather in Manila, nothing’s fresher than the basics. Basics can be found anywhere from your American Apparel supremacy, Forever21, Gap, Top Man, and even your vintage thrift store finds.

This fashionisto opted for a sailor-striped t- shirt an ode to Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Picasso, and the Warhol days. It’s fitted silhouette and black breast pocket are subtle details that highlight his physique. He paired his t-shirt with fitted denim shorts above the knee, elongating his legs topping it off with aviators and tennis shoes.  The look says summer and casual college dude very much like the feel of Marc by Marc Jacobs’s collections for men.  In the tropics there’s nothing fresher than t-shirts and shorts. With the right cut and length, the look can transcend from lazy days to effortless day-to-day chic.

Fear not for choosing to wear the basics like t-shirts and shorts because there are countless ways to dress them up and down. T-shirts can serve as the building block for your casual suits paired with skinny jeans and combat boots. Shorts can be worn with blazers-your summer suit or you can don the dapper look-paired with short-sleeved shirts and bowties! It’s the bare necessities!

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