LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Business of Business Casual

Here at the University of Iowa, our men enjoy wearing cut off shirts, athletic shorts, and crew cut socks with sandals. Some would consider this a daily outfit for class, the gym, studying, the possibilities are just about endless. The only time I see decent outfits on campus are at the Papajohn Business Building when there are class presentations or when the job fair rolls around each semester. But even during those scarce times, I see the same outfit selection of black dress pants, blue collared button-downs, a complementary tie, and optional jacket. Although I love when men can sport a freshly pressed button-down to class, the lack of variety in business casual attire puts a damper on my day.

There are parts of my personality I would consider Type-A; always planning ahead, ambitious, and aggressive. This plays a part on my clothing choices as well. As a senior, the thought of graduation is earily close, even in the fall semester. When I go shopping, I am always thinking about what items could double as outfits for class and business-casual outfits. Shift dresses, fitted cardigans, and modest necklines are filling my closet as I start applying for full-time jobs. One of my main concerns as an almost newly graduated, entry-level employee is that I will not have enough clothing to wear to the office. Even wearing business causual clothes to my sorority chapter meetings every Sunday doesn't quite cut it. If a Style Guru is having this much anxiety over the inadequate amount of clothing she has in her closet, what are the men of the University of Iowa going to do?

Fear not! This week's CollegeFashionisto shows us how to change up the typical business casual outfit into something new and fresh. A v-neck sweater, like our Fashionisto is wearing, is a great alternative to the classic shirt-and-tie combination.The v-neck can be worn plain or layered with some sort of undershirt. Our Fashionisto decided to go with a light blue gingham shirt to match. It is all about balance when layering an outfit. A patterned shirt with a solid sweater or visa versa will always look good. Making sure to stay conscious of complementary colors, monocromatic schemes, and pattern variety is an easy way to change up this ensemble.

Pants are always difficult when trying to add variety to a business casual outfit. Most college men have two pairs of slacks; black and khaki. Finding two or three pairs with a bit of pattern or texture will do milestones for a college student. Banana Republic has some great pairs from a wool windowpane suit pant in charcoal grey to a black pinstripe dress pant. Mix and matching these patterned pants are an easy way to transform drab office wear. 

It is that time of year to start applying to jobs or summer internships. If you are lucky enough to land an interview with your dream company, be sure to make an impact by dressing to impress.


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