LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS The Casual Professional

You could say that this Fashionisto is serving up some yuppie realness — and I mean that in the best possible way. The typical modern day college boy knows only the comfort of his oversized sweatshirt. It’s as if function and fashion have been set aside and boys just want to bring their bundle of bed sheets and blankets with them to class. This Fashionisto breaks rules though; he has his cake and eats it too.

Let’s work our way down. The sports coat featured is casual enough for everyday use while instantly adding flair to any outfit. It boasts maturity, especially with elbow patches, and the pattern is just busy enough to give M.C. Escher a migraine. We can’t look away.

Where the everyday Fashionisto would typically wear a button-down shirt with a skinny tie or bow tie, our subject breaks away. Underneath his sports coat, he wears an average pullover sweatshirt. That’s like biting into a burrito and finding guacamole you didn’t pay for inside; unexpected but refreshing. It’s extremely hard to look dramatically casual, but this Fashionisto pulls it off.

Two words. Blue pants. These chinos look so much like jeans; you’d have to feel them to believe it. We award this Fashionisto 10 bonus points for giving people a reason to touch his pants. These pants will match with any outfit, dressed up or dressed down. This plays particular importance when trying to transition your wardrobe from day to night. 

There is nothing more American than a quarter brogue oxford shoe. Well, in my mind there isn’t. The honey brown hue of his shoes matches perfectly with the overall blue motif and are the ideal tie off to an outfit that balances casual and professional. Also, the messenger bag is utile without making him look like he is delivering the mail. With a pun obviously intended, this Fashionisto has got this look in the bag.

Hint: Here’s how we recreate the young urban professional look. Start by layering a casual hoodie like this one from AllSaints with a sophisticated sports coat like this one by J.Crew. I also can’t get over the color of this pair of shoes by Harris.

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