Being suited out in true '40s style has become the new casual wear for this fall. Designers, from Burberry to Trussardi, gave pure tailored perfection in their fall/winter 2012 collections. This Fashionisto enthused the same casual elegance aesthetic I admired in this Fashionisto a few weeks ago. Upon closer inspection, however, it was evident that there was nothing accidental about how he pieced this outfit together. So say, “tchau, até logo!” until spring to some of that denim because this look demands chinos all the way.

When adopting chinos for the casual suit look, it is imperative to keep “casual” as the operative word in mind. If everything is too fitted and tailored, the look loses an essential, understated easiness about it. It is about knowing when and where to let that casualness slip in. This Fashionisto has opted for basic, khaki colored chinos in a slim cut. The way the trousers gather loosely at his ankles lends to a more laidback aesthetic. It is important to recognise the difference between clothes that are fitted too big, too small and just right. Size does matter, so to achieve this particular look you want to stay away from any too-fitted chinos. Why not try these Topman chinos in a lush green or deep plum hue to adopt a more colorful version of this Fashionisto's look? Next, this English student's understated gingham shirt has been left untucked, which compliments the informality of his chinos. In order to leave a shirt untucked it should be no longer than an inch or two below the navel; if it is, like today's Fashionisto, leave the last few buttons undone.

But what takes this look to suit status? Naturally, it is the fitted woolen blazer. Grey is also a big color for menswear this fall; the smooth, cool wool lends an instant sharpness to the look. What is particularly delightful about how this Fashionisto has worn his blazer is the pop of lemon from his pocket square. Pocket squares instantly take you from damp to dapper, and is a subtle alternative for those Fashionistos who shy away from accessorising. Take tips from this GQ article on how to create different pocket square folds and invest in some fun silk handkerchiefs, like this one from Pretentious Pocket or one in a basic rich color like this one from Brooks Brothers. This Fashionisto adds the finishing sharp accent to his casual suit with elegant, tan oxfords. While tan oxfords are a great basic to round out this outfit, some more unusual suede, heather grey oxfords would have looked really great too. They would have not only complemented the grey tones of the wool blazer, but also the blue hue of the gingham shirt. 

The tip from today's Fashionisto is to invest in a quality navy, black or grey blazer. You might have to break your piggy bank, but it will be worth it to have some quality tailoring to throw on when you're a time constrained Fashionisto!

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