LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Evergreen Freshman

Starting university can be daunting. You have to handle your new class schedule, navigate a new campus and (maybe most importantly) make new friends! Wearing the right outfit for important orientation events isn't so much for the benefit of others as it is for your self. Sometimes the right colour, or a well cut shirt or trousers can be a positive reinforcement for all your wonderful qualities. That is why when I saw Jay Sia, oozing confidence as he strolled through a busy juncture, I was bowled over by his keen eye for colour and playful prints.

I won't lie, I usually won't double-take when I see someone wearing a baseball hat, but even I can give credit where credit is due. The positioning of his hat revealed an almost mischievous reflection of that brilliant, modern evergreen colour on his cut-off shorts. That colour was vibrantly complimented by the rich bordeaux of Jay's Vans, and the striking Aztec skull print on his vest – all elements combine to give a fresh look, evocative of designer Matthew Williamson's style aesthetic. Williamson was in fact the designer to reintroduce Aztec prints into 21st century fashion, and it has had a snowball effect ever since. As Summer is winding down what better way to say farewell to her than to sport some aztec prints. Not only will you be on trend, but you may find use for a shirt like this under a fall blazer!

This film student mostly finds himself “getting dressed in the dark” and enthused a very relaxed and open approach to his look. Though Jay is no freshman, as a veteran of the college fashion trenches, he definitely has the right advice to feeling confident and comfortable in his clothes every day. Sometimes labouring over a look can get us in all the wrong places; while throwing some well shopped essentials together in a second, can achieve an effortless look. Jay's look is essentially made up of selected basics to carry you through until those cold breezes start winding through your campus. Be warned, however, don't take basics to mean a closet full of jersey tops, and Adidas Slides. While Jay mixed in a baseball hat to his advantage for this look, baseball hats every day will definitely stick you in a styling rut. If you need a hat to feel complete, try experimenting with a baker boy hat or a fedora for a different look. Or why not invest in some ever-cool wayfarers like Jay, they will carry you from a hot Sahara sun to a cool Arctic one, all while battling those UV rays in true '50s and '60s gentleman's style. Go forth freshmen and make your style statements on campus, but remember to always keep your Fashionisto style evolving!


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