LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Goldilocks Predicament

Thanksgiving break is over, the semester is coming to a close and finals week is quickly approaching. When most college students hear the words “finals week,” they have it programmed in their minds to think that it's socially acceptable to grunge around in sweatpants, oversized hoodies and anything else others would consider sleepwear. I will admit on occasion you can catch me on campus wearing a hoodie and yoga pants, but usually I try to stay composed in jeans, boots and a cardigan. Nothing too dressed up or too casual. The one problem I always run into is outerwear. Since it's still fall and the weather changes constantly from warm to snowy, I run into what I like to call “The Goldilocks Predicament.” Sometimes it is too warm to wear a down jacket and too cold to wear a trench coat, but finding a coat that is “just right” to wear during this cold but snowless time of year is always something I have trouble finding. 

This week's Fashionisto has a stylish and classic answer to my problems. What I love about this look is his choice of a double-breasted wool peacoat. A number of designers and bloggers featured the double-breasted look this fall and past spring seasons. Check out LaurieBStyle blog or the Tommy Hilfiger spring 2012 collection. Not only were peacoats featured, but a number of  double-breasted blazers as well. 

To copy this Fashionisto’s look, start off with a relaxed fit of dark-wash jeans. I came across a helpful article from MensHealth.com that shows a number of different fits and washes for every jean type. Underneath this Fashionisto's jacket is a plain gray sweater, and his overcoat is a simple black Ralph Lauren double-breasted peacoat. I found a similar one here. For a more adventurous peacoat, this striped Michael Kors jacket is perfect for switching it up in the dreary winter months. To top off this look, this Fashionisto wore some classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Nothing says cool like a solid pair of black sunglasses.

Although sweaters and cardigans look great indoors, the harsh winter season brings a reason to stay stylish outdoors. Before deciding to wear that North Face ski jacket over your turtlenecks and sweater vests I urge you to consider a classic double-breasted peacoat for your outerwear. 

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