LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Man + Purse = Murse

I got so incredibly excited when I spotted this Fashionisto that I actually ran after him to get a photo. Why? Because of his man purse, or as it's more commonly known, his “murse”. It's not often that you come across a male who wears a murse with so much confidence, which is what makes this Fashionisto stand out in a crowd.

While they may not be very popular among the mainstream crowd, man purses are very fashion-forward right now. They are similar to a messenger bag but the difference is that a murse is a bit smaller than a traditional messenger and may have a more stylized look to it. Murses can also come in unisex designs and a range of materials such as leather and suede. They are extremely functional because they can hold the growing range of electronic devices that most men carry around with them, especially laptops.

Males tend to shy away from the idea of carrying around a murse because they can be seen as feminine and emasculating, but this Fashionisto demonstrates that this is not always the case. He has smartly stuck to basics; simple T-shirt, slim-fit trousers and desert boots, which give his overall outfit a well-rounded, neutral look. The murse does not scream for attention, rather it is seen as an accessory because of its simple design and colour. Anything too big or too bright could easily be mistaken for a female handbag.

Hint: It takes a certain kind of male to pull off carrying a murse with flair, but paired with a complimentary outfit and the right amount of confidence, it’s a look you’ll be going back to time and time again. For Fashionistos wanting to recreate this style, look to celebrities such as David Beckham and Kanye West who have mastered the murse trend.

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