So you ask me, “How do I talk to girls at parties?” Well, being the ladies man that I am not, I am here to be the guiding light in the midst of your social awkwardness. Sweaters, button-downs and jeans are all staples found in the average college man’s closet. So if there are thirty guys living near you, there are bound to be at least fifteen duplicates of the same outfit on your floor alone. No seriously, walk into a frat house and tell me you don’t see the same Vineyard Vines polo on almost every guy in the Lambda Gamma Alpha Delta Chi chapter. I don’t care if his shirt is blue and your shirt is red; essentially, most guys are circulating the same wardrobe as the one next door. You really need to build upon these basics and find a few signature pieces that reflect your own individuality.

Take note from this stylin’ fellow. He is rocking the classic sweater, jeans, button down and tie — basics that we all know and own. Now take notice on how he individualizes this look by adding an edgy letterman-esque jacket and metallic silver lace up boots. With the simple addition to his outfit, this classic look is transformed from overdone to individualized, edgy and classically refined.

APC, Alexander Wang, Theory and Marc by Marc Jacobs are all great places to find some inspiration. Also try Common Projects and Hugo Boss for some shoes meant to stand out.

Adding your own individual touch to a perceivably conservative outfit can be the factor you need to overcome your party anxieties. Trust me; the pick up line you found on Google search isn’t going to work, just let the clothes do the talking.

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