Spotting this Fashionisto's look on the sidewalks of Columbia College definitely sparked my interest. From head to toe he pulls off a uniquely stylish ensemble that he calls his “paper boy” look.

His naming makes perfect sense as he looks like he's walked straight out of a scene from The Great Gatsby or 19th century London, while still making it modern and hip. From the newsboy cap, to the Buddy Holly inspired glasses all the way down to his loose-laced combat boots and tapered pants, you can tell this Fashionisto put good thought into his outfit.

The classic “newsboy cap,” also known as the “Apple Cap,” the “Cabbie” or the “Pageboy,” has recently seen a resurgence in popularity after its original introduction in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Originally, the cap was worn by working-class men and newspaper boys, hence the name “newsboy.” Now, the stylish hat is worn by both men and women, working-class and unemployed college students alike.

Hint: For those guys not comfortable enough with the “skinny jean” trend but bored with the sloppy, baggy jean, try the tapered pant. The looser fit around the crotch area will keep you comfortable, while the tapered, skinnier leg looks cleaner and tucks into your boots easily.

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