LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Short Sleeve Button-Down

I have always found that the short sleeve button-down for men can go either way. The beloved long sleeve button-down, the classic piece, gives most guys the feeling that their look is instantly crisper and cleaner (which is true for the most part). But the short sleeve version sometimes does not do the same. This article of clothing can make some look tacky and outdated. On the other hand, if worn correctly, the look can offer a different side of sophistication. 

This Fashionisto had the right idea. When I stopped him in the Lower East Side I noticed that his outfit was rather put together but not in an over the top way. It gave his look a cool and casual vibe, fitting for the area and the time of year. Summer is the perfect time to try out the short sleeve button-down because of the warmer weather and the all-around laid back vibe work environments have.

Like this Fashionisto, try pairing your short sleeve button-down with a darker wash denim or a khaki pant like this pair from J.Crew in burnished khaki. Stray from shorts or light colors because the look will look messy and transform your style to a different age set. Next take a look at his shoes, although it is summer, this Fashionisto chose a pair of suede leather boots rather than a pair of sandals which makes his ensemble fashion-forward and dressier. Take a look at this pair of Clarks suede boots for some inspiration.

Hint: Try to choose a button-down shirt that doesn’t have a pattern on it. Allow the sleeves to do the talking and choose a style that is simple and clean cut. For example, this L.L.Bean shirt would do the trick. Experiment with leaving the shirt completely unbuttoned or mostly buttoned!

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