LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Tribe Has Spoken

This Fashionisto displays the best possible outcome of sartorial warfare — he’s got three different tribal prints clashing in his ensemble, and yet, they all seem to coexist peacefully. The mixture and cohesion of the colors and shapes make the outfit feel like artwork rather than just clothes.

The first tribal accent is in his Zara T-shirt with an African fan print. His chambray button-down and whitewashed ripped jeans are also from the Spanish label. The classic element of denim is given a contemporary update with the two-tone chambray and faded, light-colored bottoms.

The next print is on his OBEY hat from Urban Outfitters. He also purchased his brown leather sneakers with red laces by Vans from Urban Outfitters, and they tie in all the pops of red from head to toe.

He’s got the retro style Ray-Ban wayfarer, his watch is D&G, a vintage Celine medallion purchased from Annie Creamcheese vintage in Georgetown, and his rings are from a thrift store on U Street. The larger beaded tribal print necklace was given to him by his father, which he purchased on a trip in Africa. He also has a mix of beaded wrist wear, some are from H&M Fashion Fights AIDS line, and the others were purchased online.

Hint: The best lesson to learn from this Fashionisto? Let different prints duke it out on any given day, the results might pleasantly surprise you.

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