LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Washington Way to Mad Men

I cannot tell a lie — George Washington students have serious style. I have always admired the CollegeFashionista campus pages from GWU and Georgetown, so on my weekend trips into the District, I delight in exploring a fresh point of view when it comes to debonair men’s fashion in D.C.

A Washingtonian man is crisp and refined, and they start them early at these scholarly institutions. With a baseline of classic prep underlying in every ensemble, the intellectuals meet the hipsters. They exchange their best accessories, hairstyles and other finishing touches to create a truly unique perspective to their wardrobe.

The retro '50s curl to this Fashionisto’s coif swiftly caught my eye, bringing me to the rest of his outfit — an expert combination of this year's best, and yet most time-tested trends — the way-farers, the vintage leather brief case, the bold plaid button-down and a vest snatched from a dapper three-piece suit, which subtlety clashed with his schoolboy Converse.

His trousers are the Levi's 511 Skinny Commuter Pant, he bought his McKlein Briefcase and vest at Macys, similar to this American Rag Pinstripe Vest, paired with a Banana Republic tailored, slim fit ,”non-iron” button-down shirt — the perfect option for a stylish, no-fuss man (who is still a college guy and probably doesn't own an iron). He topped it off with classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers, but you should check out these H&M knockoffs that do just the trick and come in bold color choices.

Hint: Don’t believe me about the hair? GQ knows there are three good reasons to rock the retro finger curl à la Danny Zuko. Their names are Don Draper (and the Mad Men brood), Matt Bomer and Darren Criss.

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