LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Weather is a Bear

The weather here in Boston has finally taken a turn for the colder and December once again feels like we remember. The campus here at BU has officially transitioned from light army jackets and oversized sweaters to down coats and wool toppers. The issue for many Fashionistas/os is how to maintain fashionable street style while simultaneously maintaining maximum warmth. It is no secret that down coats are rarely flattering or even stylish but this Fashionisto breaks the mold, wearing his coat proudly while letting his accessories speak louder.

While down jackets tend to add bulk up top, this Fashionisto knew to balance out the added width by adding a complementary sweater tunic which adds length. The product of this combination? A well proportioned upper half. Further, his use of quirky accessories helps to up the fashion ante. The look becomes nerdy-chic with the addition of thick-framed eyewear, an oversized backpack and a bear accessory. This guy has no qualms about making the look his own. Love the bear? Get your own version here.

If you are not an accessory kind of guy, do not worry. Fashionistos can still fashionably wear down coats by playing with colors, shiny finishes and the length of the jacket. Moncler has some of the best options that play with each of the aforementioned variations. In this case, fashion doesn't have to take a back seat to function.

Come winter, it is easy to feel like one's sense of style has been lost in a sea of puffy coats but remember, being warm doesn't have to mean being boring if you just play with accessories!

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