I have never been a huge fan of the business casual look. Not, at least, until this morning. Whereas I usually find the typical blazer, tie and button-down combo to be uninspired and anything but unique, this Fashionisto's ensemble, comprised of those exact elements, had me literally chasing after him. With a demeanor just as crisply New York as his outfit, he only had time for one quick photo – my guess is that he gets photographed all the time. Pulling his face into a confident smirk while simultaneously cocking his head to the side and ensuring his briefcase was properly displayed, the two seconds I had to snap this Fashionisto's photo was all I needed to capture the impeccable assembly of his ensemble.

Although undeniably a staple in both a man and woman's wardrobe, the black blazer doesn't pack nearly the punch that this Fashionisto's striped business jacket does. Paired with a ruby red pocket square and blue skinny tie, he chooses to infuse typical men's accessories with bold and complimentary colors. The look achieved is both business-like and chic, and allows his knowledge of layering and accessorizing techniques to shine through in a professional manner.

Every man needs a sturdy yet stylish briefcase, like the simple leather one carried by this Fashionisto. Picking up the dark chocolate tones in his vintage-inspired specs, its color is cohesive with the rest of his outfit and looks great against his khaki pants. Sporting a more modern take on the classic saddle shoe and exposing his dark socks by cuffing his pants, this Fashionisto was able to create stylish continuity throughout his outfit by playing dark and light neutrals against one another.

Hint: When broken down, this Fashionisto's outfit has a lot of different elements going on. The key to making them gel into one stylish look is to choose one piece with a pattern (in this case his coat), and only a few other accent colors to layer on it (blue and red). The rest of the ensemble should be composed of neutral tones, which can be played with in quirky ways. Try them in the form of accessories, tailoring or textures.

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