Everyone loves a man in a suit. Now as much as I would prefer for all gentlemen to dress their best on a constant basis, I realize the impracticality of this task. However, suit elements can be incorporated into a casual look such as vests and hats. Ties, the modern descendant of the cravat, are also a sophisticated accessory that can be dressed down. 

This Fashionista works in his thin silver tie with rolled-up jeans, a blue button-down shirt, a grey and navy cardigan and brown leather loafers. Clearly he put effort in his outfit but his style is more preppy casual. Of course jeans automatically tone down any look, but the thinness of the tie also keeps the look from steering towards too much of a business attire. The brown, instead of black loafers also tone down the effect of the tie.  

Calvin Klein's x liquid luxe ties are the perfect neckties to try for this look. The long and thin length modernizes the traditional men's accessories and the neutral colors make it so that the tie does not overpower the rest of the outfit.

Add sophistication to a casual look with thin neckties. 

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