LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Thrifting is a Man’s Best Friend

False alarm Chicagoans. Winter is not over like we thought. The near 60 degree weather we were experiencing a couple of weeks back was only but a tease. So while we can't hang up our winter coats for good just yet, we can break out a nice, warm bubble vest like this Fashionisto did.

Men like Jay-Z and T.I. have made the bubble vest popular for mainstream audiences, while brands like GUESS, Nike and Ralph Lauren have made it a mainstay on runways everywhere. These vests are perfect for those days that are not quite blistering cold but not quite sweltering hot either.

And let's talk about this Fashionisto's amazing faux-fur hat. Courtesy of a thrifting excursion at Belmont's Belmont Army thrift store, this hat definitely takes courage to pull off. But this Fashionisto does, and he does it well.

If you haven't heard yet, thrifting is the best thing to happen to college students since sliced bread or instant noodles. Chicago has some of the best places to thrift around, including Unique, Buffalo Exchange, Belmont Army and plenty of other hidden gems. Hit those spots first before spending an arm and a leg at other stores. Your wallet will surely thank you.

Hint: Still think it's too cold for just a vest? Try layering it with a thick, wool sweater or even a hoodie and you should be good to go.

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