LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Timberland Rock Star

I absolutely love that it is full blown sweater season! We have been lucky enough in Madison to have days where all you need is a sweater, and for people like myself who love fashion, this means not having to hide under a million layers…a true blessing.

When I spotted this Fashionisto heading to the library, I loved how put together he looked given that he had to be inside all day studying. Sweaters are a perfect option as they are simple, comfortable, and yet still look fabulous. This particular sweater was even more spectacular given that it was both striped and a v-neck, double the fun!

V-neck sweaters are a great layering piece, and can also be worn by themselves to give off a more formal look. I have always been an advocate of the v-neck without the layering tee but today’s Fashionisto totally changed my mind. I think the black undershirt added to the look, taking it from what is usually a preppy look to a more relaxed, urban look. I particularly admire the way he paired black with the blue and gray combination. So many people stay away from the blue and black combination but I personally have always been an avid believer that the two look great together!

The jeans are a perfect fit, and an even better wash. The way the lighter wash is mixed with a darker wash gives the jeans a faded look, perfect for fall. What I love most about this outfit though, is the shoes. Maybe it’s because I’m from Wisconsin, or maybe it’s because I grew up with boys wearing these boots…but I have such an adoration for them! Every time I see a Fashionisto rocking the Timberlands, I silently commend them. I love that something made to be practical for the weather is also a fashion piece, the perfect combination! 

Hint: If you love the look of the boots, but are more of a stick to shoes type of guy, try the Timberland brand of shoes…equally as stylish and practical!

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