Tis the season, Fashionistos. For sledding and hot chocolate. For making your wish list. And, perhaps most importantly, for dressing in the holiday spirit. And while you can't deny the nostalgic charm of an ugly Christmas charm, tacky bells and bright ornaments aren't practical for anywhere but a themed party.

This Fashionisto's look seemed to spread the holiday cheer without the overt bells and whistles (literally). His quilted blue coat is the perfect topper for his layered look. It's casual while still being interesting with the sewn in detail. The scattered detail on his T-shirt gives the illusion of snowflakes falling across the night sky. Cue the carolers. Perhaps what I loved most about this Fashionisto's outfit is his cap. It's bright red color pops off the rest of his blue-toned outfit. The hat's knit pattern is reminiscent of the hats our parents used to insist on putting us in come winter. Topped off with a pom-pom, it's the quintessential holiday hat.

I know finals are weighing you down, but boost your mood by getting in the holiday spirit like this Fashionisto. Get yourself a fun hat or T-shirt and spread the cheer. It's never too early to start celebrating.

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