LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Toughing It Out In Cable Knit

Fall is a wonderful season, with days that still allow a warm sun to shine through the red and yellow leaves. However, you may be noticing the temperatures dropping and how chilly evenings are becoming harder to transition into from the warm daytime. Sometimes it seems that a tweed blazer or heavy jacket is too much for the day, but you still want the comfort of something warm when that chill sets in. The solution, presented by today's Fashionisto, is a dapper cable knit sweater. This versatile knit can offer you both comfort and style.

Originally known as the Aran sweater, cable knits were created to clothe Irish fisherman and farmers from the harsh climes of their Irish Isles. These rugged knits were the kind that were trending on the men's runways this fall; not the soft, pastel-hued cable knit sweaters of New England preps. Instead, designers like Gucci and Balmain paired their roughly hewn sweaters with tailored chinos and silk shirts.

Today's Fashionisto not only balanced out his rugged cable knit cardigan with smart chinos and an oxford shirt, but the double breasted style is what really makes his cable knit dapper. The double-breasted style effuses elegance and gives a twist on the conventional cable knit sweater. It makes this piece a great alternative for a smart blazer. The faux crocodile skin buttons add to the sophistication of the piece. The slate color of this Fashionisto's cable knit is a great basic shade to purchase a cable knit in for the first time. Another fool-proof cable knit shade is a rich cream; try finding one from H&M for an authentic Irish Aran look. Deep jewel tones colored most of Gucci's cable knits this fall. To try a more daring look, pair up a navy cable knit like this from Topman, with some hunter green or even pink chinos.

Keeping with the look of outdoor sophistication, this Chemistry student opted for some suede oxfords. You could also pair a cable knit up with some desert boots in beeswax leather, or a streamline Chelsea boot. Avoid pairing a cable knit with hiking boots, as this will take the look out of the realm of chic street-style and into backpacker style territory.

The final tip from today's Fashionisto? Sometimes it's wise to take some styling tips from mom!

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