Gliding between the mahogany doorsteps of BU's Bay State Road residences with autumn leaves crunching beneath his trusty stead, this Fashionisto seemed to belong more in the English countryside. Luckily for me, he had wound up on the grassy knolls of the BU beach. I found it tantalizingly difficult to choose which part of his layered ensemble was the highlight, but naturally I decided that the pièce de résistance of today's Fashionisto would have to be his tweed jacket. Since fall started creeping into Boston I have been waiting to see a tweed-ed out gentleman!

Tweed was historically the material worn by agricultural workers in Ireland and Scotland. The material was traditionally quite rough, but as British aristocracy adopted it and refined it with their London tailors, its structure developed into a complex, multicolour twill. Tweed jackets are celebrated as being a beacon of British menswear, but they also can have a stuffier, elitist connotation to them. The provocative history behind the tweed jacket makes it an essential in any Fashionisto's closet. It also takes you from zero to Fashionisto in the blink of an eye!

Tweed jackets are very versatile and can be dressed up or down. They are meant to be tailored, so look for ones with tapered darting that give you a defined silhouette. These jackets come in a variety of patterns and shades; if you are a first time tweed investor, opt for a simple shade for a more versatile jacket. Usually they are worn with a simple oxford shirt, but today's journalism student decided to give an unexpected twist with his gingham shirt. The zesty paisley tie complements his purple gingham shirt, combining to show a wonderful window playing with color, pattern and texture. 

Wisely, however, this Fashionisto has contained all that color and pattern by layering a navy blue sweater over, ensuring that his tweed jacket remains the centerpiece of the outfit. As today's Fashionisto has demonstrated, you can give just a hint of loud elements in an outfit without them being overwhelming. It is also important to get the right ratio of shirt cuff exposed to jacket sleeve receded. Having a jacket sleeve that covers the cuffs can make the arms look unnaturally elongated, so always remember to check that your shirt cuff hits just over your wrist. It is a common misconception to think that the jacket sleeves need to be shorter to achieve this look. This Fashionisto's jeans blend seamlessly into the same blue of his jumper, again making the outfit's focus his tweed jacket. No matter how refined they have become, tweed jackets have something of the outdoors imbibed into them. By wearing duck boots, today's Fashionisto brought out the naturalistic feel to this jacket. To dress it up you can pair your tweed with some classic oxfords or brogues. 

The tip from today's Fashionisto on how to button your jacket right? From the top button remember the mantra: “Always, sometimes, never!”

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