Students at VCU have to battle the concrete jungle of downtown Richmond everyday. Instead of dealing with exotic creatures and a lush wilderness, the challenges we face include avoiding parking tickets, navigating tough cobblestone sidewalks, and making sure we’re prepared for those dreaded pop quizzes. One must be dressed accordingly to deal with the daily grind of life at Virginia Commonwealth.

While tribal print has been a huge trend for women these past few years, it takes a special Fashionisto to rock the trend. The Band Of Outsiders Fall 2011 Collection featured hints of a tribal influence, and it was exciting to see this runway trend on the streets of our campus. The first thing that I noticed about this fashionable man on campus was his bright, bold graphic tee. The vibrant orange hue and the striking pattern of the shirt made him stand out immediately on campus. He pairs the shirt with a necessary pair of black cutoffs to stay cool and comfortable in the typical humid weather the mid-Atlantic often experiences.

He tops his look off with two pieces that scream traditional Americana: the classic denim vest and the preppy staple of boat shoes. This Fashionisto did a fantastic job in mixing the styles of the western world with the fresh, eye-catching styles of more exotic lands.

My fashion advice for the men on campus would be to experiment with more tribal prints, gentleman. It’s an easy way to add an unexpected flair of personal style to your outfit. This Navajo Tee from Urban Outfitters is a great way to ease yourself into the trend; the pattern is still strong, but not strong enough to overpower you or the rest of your outfit. These prints can get loud, so I would suggest pairing it with a simple, dark wash bottom of your choice. Adding a jacket or a vest like this Fashionisto did finishes off the look and adds a bit of polish to his outfit.

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