Despite the title, there are no construction plans to be discussed in this post; simply a Fashionisto to be featured. I spotted this Fashionisto strolling out in University Yard on a fairly warm day. His graphic T-shirt, which pays tribute to the English rock band, Pink Floyd, caught my attention with its array of colors. Matched with a pair of loose-fitting jeans, a cross-plaid collared shirt, accessorized with a porcelain-colored Michael Kors watch and a pair of oversized specks, this look radiates with an essence of cool.

What I really appreciate about this particular look is the fact that it does not mimic the almost uniform ensemble of collared shirts, pastel shorts and Sperry boat shoes that is typically recreated throughout this campus. Instead, it expresses a subtle take on urban fashion. Just when the Fashionisto could not have looked more urban, the watch and glasses pull back in for a clean and hipster-chic blend. Although there are many components to this ensemble, and they all deserve attention in their own right, neither one overshadows the other, making for a balanced finish.

Hint: To recreate this look, start with an eye-catching graphic T-shirt that can be found in a variety of styles at Urban Outfitters. Then, pair the graphic tee with skinny jeans and canvas sneakers or mid-calf boots. Finish off the look with a collared shirt and oversized specs.

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